The Plunger and The Toilet Brush out of canister with hands
The Oven Mitts
Pink hanger with female hand
The Toilet Brush detail face
The Lint Roller_Pink_In Hand
The Baster with hand
The Mop application
Sponge in hand
Many hands make light work

Meet Your Staff

Our ambition is to make every day brighter.

Staff reimagines household essentials with bold colors, unique materials, and characters that are eager to please. We aim to pep up living spaces, create delightful moments out of mundanity, and add amusement to chores.

Staff live all throughout your home.

We're creating a system of objects – each with a specific purpose or function – that, we hope, puts a smile on your face every time you have to scrub, plunge, hang, sneeze, baste, or otherwise.

Everyday life is full of tasks — big and small. It’s nice to have help.

Staff Family
Blue plunger in bathroom

Our First Staff

The Plunger

Our first item is the plunger. In part, to pay homage to our founder Charlie's grandfather, who was a career plumber, and in part because it's the perfect way to introduce what Staff is all about - changing the way we view and interact with common items throughout the house.


Many hands make light work

At your service.